Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Am I sounding like a broken record?

I've been listening to a LOT of different music these days - I have to admit, consumption of new music has become a habit ...

It's been a condition of mine for a while, and I don't think it really has any real serious side effects - well, except if you count my kids requesting songs such as "Balls to the Wall" or "Crazy Train" once in a while.

The new bands coming out today are fantastic! I mean, stuff like the Silversun Pickups, Metric, Phoenix, Band of Skulls, Patrick Watson... I'm having a blast listening to them.

I'm also expanding the jazz collection - picking up classics from Herbie, Miles, Chet...

However, just this morning, I went ahead and found my music selection on my iPod fall onto AC/DC for some reason.

Back in Black came up.

I haven't listened to Back in Black all the way through since high school.

Dang, what a brilliant album - the song sequence fits, the sound is amazing - great tracks from beginning to end.

Derek and I have discussed this online with others a lot before - how music from your youth really resonates with you. But, I don't know there IS something fantastic about this album that is so much different from the ones out these past years.

What makes a "classic" album? What's going to be a classic album from the 2000's in the next 15-20 years?

It'll be cool to see.



Hiya, i work with the Band Of Skulls lot and would love to hear some feedback from fans about what they think about the single.
Also click here on friday to listen to Band Of Skulls performing an audio session on KCRW radio - http://bit.ly/Icp15
They are also due for a myspace video exclusive very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Derek said...

Hard to say whether there will be classic albums, since with online purchasing we're veering back into a singles market. It may be that Radiohead's "In Rainbows" or even Green Day's "American Idiot" might be considered a classic in the future. But maybe we'll remember classic songs more.

"I Kissed a Girl," anyone? :)