Monday, May 05, 2008

Holy Frick! We Bought a House

We just bought this place in Vancouver.

It's in the "Dunbar" area. I've been to the area a few times, but really don't have a true appreciation for the nuances of the different neighbourhoods of Vancouver.

Catherine was pretty excited about it - she's the only one who has actually seen the house! :) She was going on about how it's close to the "Point Grey" area and all that which from what I can gather, is a good thing.

It's apparently going to need a bit o' work - new kitchen and some electrical stuff done. The basement is unfinished and ripe for building out a studio! (bwa ha ha ha!!!), but all in all, we can fit in there.

It was a bit hairy last evening as our agent phoned us just after he discovered that there were going to be five offers presented to the owners. After putting the kids to bed, I discovered Catherine downstairs at the FAX/printer with a phone to her ear looking a bit frazzled. We quickly decided what we needed to bid on the place and phoned our agent back to let him know "the plan"...

We initially had sort of convinced ourselves that we'd lost the bid as we've been in these multiple bid situations before and know that some people can be quite crazy with their bids to get a place. We hadn't gone beyond our game plan or anything like that, but weren't prepared to go to ANY lengths to get the place.

He went in at 5:30 (PST) to present the offer and gave us a call back at 7:30 with the news that we'd got the place.

I really think that we were in total shock (and still are). We sincerely thought we were out of the running and had already started preparing a contingency list of available properties for Catherine to check out this week...

Anyway, she's now preparing to visit banks and such shopping around for nice 'n tasty rates for the financing - every point off prime counts baby!

More later...


a neighbour said...

It's a great. friendly neighbourhood especially if you have children or a dog!

Plus right now it's Salmonberry Days, the neighbourhood spring festival! You probably won't move in in time though. Next year!!!?

First thing you do when you move in is to say "hi" to all neighbours beside you, behind you and in front of you. Then you can ignore them for the next year!

chckn8r said...

Hi diddley ho there neighbour!

Glad to hear from someone nearby - we are looking forward to moving in for sure. Kids - check, dog - nope (got enough to deal with with the previous checkpoint...)

tgronlund said...

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