Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday, schmoosday...

What is it about Tuesday?

Everyone is so down on Mondays, but what is it about Tuesday that makes it seem like a non-starter day? Maybe it's the schedule these days - it's a bit gloomy out there, the kids have skating at 10:30 and there are errands to be done. Seems like the day is all chopped up...

I guess there's some solace in that I'll be able to cross things off the list that C left... ;)

Big 5-Year Old

A turned 5 today. Gee, that kid is full of so much energy - wears his emotions on his sleeve. I commented to C last night that he's got to be the best gift-receiver around. He is TOTALLY enthusiastic in opening gifts, but also has the most over-the-top expressions for when he sees what's under the wrapping.

I can just feel sorry for the teachers at his school - they're probably going to be hearing that it's his birthday all day...

The Photo Shoot (da, da, daaaa....)

I'm going to get my photos done in my studio this evening. I got called by a writer for an online publication, "UncharteredSounds" to do an interview about composing music for video games. I told him that I've only really done one title, but could still do it if he wanted - which he did. I got a few questions emailed to me and, it seems as though those went over alright, so now, it's photo-shoot time!

So, here we go - apparently, he's coming over after 7:30 tonight to do the deed. I'll be posting a link when that goes up.

Now, it's time to go to skating lessons - and, probably the court house to schedule the dreaded trial date... {sigh}

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